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The CRAFTY+ Vaporizer is the perfect companion for all your activities, handy and compact, CRAFTY+ offers you vapor of excellent quality and taste, and an optimal airflow for a daily experience of the highest level.
Why trade quality for portability? With CRAFTY+ you can have both.

CRAFTY+ uses a patented combination of convection and conduction heating - a technology of absolute excellence and effectiveness in heating herbs evenly.
In addition, the new powerful heating system ensures exceptional airflow and vapor in just 60 seconds! 

New version with USB-C charging socket.

Features Crafty+ Storz&Bickel Vaporizer:

Charging port with USB-C connection

After improving the battery with the new "plus" version, thanks to the new USB-C charging port Crafty+'s charging times are further reduced by 25 minutes, making it the perfect travel companion!

Cool down

To make the vaping experience even more enjoyable, the CRAFTY+ features an ingenious Cooling Unit that cools the vapor to a pleasant temperature. The cooling unit is made of PEEK , a high quality plastic material, resistant to heat and suitable for contact with food, which is also commonly used in the medical field for surgical implants.

Intuitive design

CRAFTY+ features a sleek and modern housing design. The materials are carefully selected and integrated into the new design according to your daily needs. The intuitive one-button control offers not just 2, but 3 pre-set temperature levels which make using the CRAFTY+ particularly practical and also more convenient.

APP control

With the STORZ & BICKEL app, you are always in full control of the situation. Via Bluetooth connection you can remotely adjust all the settings that CRAFTY+ offers you. Just use your smartphone to fine-tune the CRAFTY+ settings to suit your personal taste.

  • CRAFTY+ Vaporizer;
  • USB-C charge socket;
  • Bottom gasket sealing ring;
  • Mains filter Standard;
  • Coarse mesh filter;
  • Extract buffer;
  • Dosing capsule;
  • Instructions for Use;

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