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Indoor Growing Kit with Complete Grow Box, equipped with accessories and some equipment for Indoor Cultivation with 340W LED lighting.
This kit represents a definitive, simple and fast solution for successfully growing your indoor plants and creating your own vegetable garden at home. It has been designed to allow even the less experienced to grow indoors with a "full set of tools" and for recreate in the best way the external environmental conditions inside your home .

Products included in the 120x120 cm Indoor LED Cultivation Kit:

  • 1x Ledxpess Sylvania - Gro-Xpress Led Full Spectrum+ | 340W
  • 1x Secret Garden - Hydro Shoot Hs120 R2.0 | 120X120x200h cm
  • 1x Vents - TT100 Bi-Power Wired With Switch | 145 - 185 m3/h
  • 1x Prima Klima - Activated Carbon Filters K2600 Min Max 240 - Opt 160Mc/H Flange 100mm
  • 1x Flexible PVC Duct Diameter 102mm Length 3m
  • 1x Analog Timer 24 Hours Vdl Step 30 minutes
  • 1x Power strip with 4 Italian sockets at 16A
  • 2x Biomagno - Soilmagno Premixed Substrate Ready To Use | 50L
  • 1x Biomagno - 100% Bio Growth | 250ml
  • 1x Biomagno - Bloom 100% Bio | 250ml
  • 1x Biomagno - Batmagno 100% Bio | 500gr
  • 2x Expanded Clay for Drainage | 7L
  • 8x Gronest - Fabric Pot 11L Geotextile Pot | 22X22x23h cm
  • 1x Secret Jardin - Monkey Fan Mf16 Clip Fan | 16W Ø 20cm

If you're looking for big yields without taking up too much space, this is the grow kit you need. This 120x120cm growing system can fit into any corner of the house, garage or basement, making it the best medium sized grow tent to work with.

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