Who we are

ITALFARM is a company that originates from the idea of ​​changing the way we see hemp; a product with too many taboos around its name, which in reality has a much more important therapeutic potential than other conventional medicines, with far fewer contraindications being totally natural. What differentiates SHARDANA from our competitors? Our hemp is of the highest quality. Cultivated in our fields, cared for in every step by us; from germination to sowing, through cutting, drying, processing and packaging, ready to arrive in your homes; with a quality / price ratio that is difficult to compare. It is grown in Sardinia, more precisely in the province of Oristano, a region with morphological and meteorological conditions that manage to highlight every little nuance of the characteristic flavor and color of the best quality hemp. It is then grown in the field and stored in a controlled temperature and humidity environment, with the exclusive use of organic fertilizers, to safeguard the environment and the product. Shardana, our brand, is a word dating back to ancient Egypt used to identify the Sardinian people who built the nuraghi, which represents for us the essence of our company, building the future with nature with the right respect for ourselves and of the world around us; in the end we therefore find ourselves living as the shardana did in their time.

The company was born in Sardinia in 2020, with the aim of becoming a point of reference in the market of CANAPA SATIVA and its derivatives.

The high quality, reliability and professionalism in full compliance with current regulations is guaranteed by the control of the supply chain as everything is done in the company: "from the producer to the consumer"; made possible by our agronomists who directly select the best crops and inflorescences from local farms.

All phases from sowing to the finished product are carried out directly in Sardinia for a further guarantee of quality.